Susquehanna Township School Board votes to move money into an escrow account for Kegerise

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Parents and community members praised the Susquehanna Township School Board Monday evening for appealing a judge’s order to reinstate former superintendent, Susan Kegerise. Kegerise has been out of her job since she filed a $6 million dollar lawsuit against the district and three board members in April. But last week a judge ordered the school board to reinstate her with back pay and benefits.

Monday the board voted to move the money that Susan Kegerise would have received had she been working the past 6 months into a separate escrow account reserved for her, which is what a judge ordered. That money amounts to more than $98,000. Everyone who addressed the school board Monday as well as the majority of school board members hopes she never receives the money.

The board went into an executive session to discuss the issue behind closed doors. Acting superintendent, Dr. Jeffrey Miller, advised the board to take action even though the board appealed a judge’s order to reinstate Kegerise. Miller says moving the money into an escrow account should the appeal not be upheld is in compliance of the judge’s order for back pay.

Miller advised the board there is no “extra money” and that the money will come from a reserves fund. The board’s president went on to say the appeal filed on Friday is based on the district’s belief that an appellate court should look further into the case. The appeal acts as a stay of the judge’s order, meaning Kegerise is no longer superintendent and will no longer show up to work.

Board president, John Dietrich has no idea how long the appeals process will take. The district’s solicitor is expecting the case will go to the supreme court. Exactly how much money the process has cost the district is not clear.