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Navy Midshipmen help out, impact felt around the world

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No act of giving is too big or small -- or in this case -- too far away.

"This is what we're here to do you know not just as military personnel but we're here to help other people," said Navy Midshipman, Christopher Kinley.

A  group of 20 U.S. Navy Midshipmen from Annapolis, Maryland -- spent their day off at the GAIN Distribution Center in Lancaster County -- packaging food to send to Third World countries. Rice and 6,000 family packs of dried beans. And they're not just packing food that will sustain their immediate needs. They're also packing plant seeds that's part of a long-term solution.

"Usually we ship enough of that food that they can raise the crop and have enough for themselves and then go sell it in the market as well. And it's a sustainable operation because we have heirloom seeds, they can harvest the seeds and replant the next year," said Phil Liller, GAIN Distribution Center Director and veteran.

The Midshipmen are part of a local chapter of CRU -- Campus Crusade for Christ International. And while they will probably never meet those they helped, they have a very special message for them.

"We want to be able to provide food for these people but also we're doing it because we love them. And we love them because Christ loves us and so just being able to share that love with them and tell them that Christ loves them as well is just a huge opportunity and it's really fulfilling and satisfying to be able to share that with other people," said a  Navy Midshipman.