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Charges filed against Dauphin County District Judge

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The Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board filed formal charges against Dauphin County Magisterial District Justice Robert Jennings III today, accusing him of ethics violations. In the complaint, Jennings is accused of demanding constables who worked in his office to contribute 10% of their earnings to his campaign fund. If they did not provide the kickback, Jennings would not provide the constables with work. Jennings office manager, Nolme LeGrand, says she told Jennings he could not make such demands of constables. Jennings reportedly replied, “I wear the black robe. It’s what I say. If it wasn’t for me, they wouldn’t be here.” LeGrand’s husband is also a constable.

Jennings is also accused of asking police officers who were in court on business to fix parking tickets and moving violations by withdrawing the charges against him and people who worked in his office. The complaint specifically points out a number of cases Jennings allowed to be withdrawn and failed to transfer to other courts.

Additionally, Jennings is accused of making his office an uncomfortable environment for his female employees by making sexually charged comments about employees and women who entered his office. He apparently made comments about his tongue to LeGrand.

According to the release from the Judicial Conduct Board, Jennings has a right to a public trial. Jennings could face reprimand, suspension or removal from office if found guilty.


  • Christina Conley

    Judge Jennings is a good man with a different kind of sense of humor. Blowing this into an ethics violation is just simply ridiculous. He is a good man and a good judge. He cares about the people of Harrisburg. You are going to go after him how about Joseph Adams who ruled on my custody case and is a relative of my X how about that ethics violation. why don’t we start going after the judicial people who break rules way more then a couple wise cracks and carrying on that is completely blown out of proportion!!!

  • Joe Davis

    Sorry to hear such an ugly allegation about one of Harrisburg ‘s finest and fair judges I hope it’s untrue and he is vendicated of all charges. Judge keep your head up and stay true.

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