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West York cracking down on property code violations

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The West York Fire Department is cracking down on slum landlords and tenants.

Code enforcers say they receive several calls a day with complaints from residents.
On Monday, an apartment building on the 1100-block of West King Street was deemed unfit to live in. Officers say it was due to mold and a severe infestation of cockroaches.

The owner received a violation notice. Five families had to move out.

"People that are living in filth and unsanitary conditions, it's a health hazard, so some calls have to take priority over others," says Captain Chuck Zienkiewicz of the West York Fire Dept.

The department has three full-time code enforcers and they say many code violations lead to the discovery of other crimes.

"We can get the people that need the help, help," says Zienkiewicz. "If the police department needs to be involved, we see what's going on, we see what's happening."

He says they're available to take calls 24/7 and they're confidential.