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York City police and fire chiefs concerned about proposed budget cuts

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The proposed 2015 budget in York calls for cutting the city's police force nearly in half.

If the budget is approved, 46 officers will be cut. There are currently 104 officers on the force.

Chief Wes Kahley says the layoffs would have to go by seniority, so all the officers affected already know who they are. He says many of them work patrol, on neighborhood initiatives that the city needs.

He says he's working to reduce the number and save some of the officers' positions.

"We're already undermanned from where we should be and the officers do an incredible job even being undermanned now," Kahley says. "That number, losing half the police department, totally changes the face of this agency."

Eight firefighter positions would also be cut. Three are unfilled, and one firefighter will be retiring, so four firefighters would have to be laid off.

"They're working more hours," says Chief David Michaels. "So now when I send them home to get that rest, they're the ones that are going to be called for the emergency recall."

The fire chief says firefighters will have to work longer hours. They would change from four shifts to there to make sure they're covered. That means firefighters would work 14 more hours a week, without getting paid more.