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York City School Board tables vote to establish all-charter school district

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York City School Board members voted to table a highly anticipated vote on establishing a district-wide charter school system.

The meeting started with nearly two dozen student marching into the meeting room, chanting NO CHARTER. They sat down in front of the board members linking arms. It was just one of the many examples of people opposing going all-charter in York.

After nearly three hours of discussion, board members tabled Chief Recovery Officer David Meckley's proposal to turn over the schools in York City to Charter Schools USA.
It's a company based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Meckley proposed the plan because of the district's poor academic performance and financial instability.

But in the end, board members decided they need more information.
The board wants to meet more with Meckley to better understand the contract. Then within 10 days of receiving more information but no later than December 17th, the board will make another public vote.

Also on Wednesday, board members voted on a new contract agreement with the school board. Failing to come to an agreement was one of the reasons Meckley urged the board to support the charter school agreement. According to the president of the Teacher's Association, the new agreement includes salary cuts of 5% with benefit concessions as well.

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  • OneMan'sOpinion

    Stall tactic. The all-charter plan has been out there. You hope to stall so that there is no time to implement the inevitable before next school year.

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