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York County Great Dane gives birth to nineteen puppies

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A Great Dane in York Haven has given birth to 19 puppies. A normal litter has eight. Their owner is Brandon Terry, and he's been having to pick up a lot of puppy poop. "They are very, very needy. The second I walk into the stall area they see my feet and just come running," said Terry.

Last month he took the mother, named Snowy, to the veterinarian and got some unexpected news. "As soon as they did an X-ray they saw 15 little spines," said Terry. A week later Terry heard screams in his backyard and found one of the puppies. Snowy was in labor and when all was said and done she gave birth to the grand total of 19.  Terry said Snowy has been exhausted since having the puppies, and she doesn't have enough milk for all the puppies. That's why Terry's family has been giving them a supplemental formula to make sure they're all fed well.

Terry's daughter Kaitlyn also has been babysitting. However it can also be a distraction. "My daughter doesn't like going to school because she wants to stay home with the puppies," said Terry. He plans to sell them. He has found homes for two of the puppies. If any aren't sold he plans to keep them and is already renovating his garage to make room.

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  • Jackie Williams

    I am sure these puppies are just adorable. However, there wouldn’t have been a “big surprise” if the dog was spayed. Now we have 19 more puppies while dogs are being put down in shelters. There are Great Dane rescues and instead of someone buying one they could adopt one. This is irresponsible and then the puppies will be living in a garage. What a shame.

    • OneMan'sOpinion

      Totally agree. 19 other dogs will be euthanized to balance out the population universe. But as long as we have cuteness and a little extra cash, it’s cool.

  • Diezel's Mom

    You people are idiots. So no dog now is EVER allowed to get pregnant?? So tired of people and their holier than thou attitudes. It’s none of your business whether these people decided to allow their female to get pregnant. It’s obvious that no one could expect 19 puppies, when the norm is about 8. I always hear people spouting the “there are rescues” crap. Yes, there are rescues. We have owned 2 Great Danes (both altered, not that THAT is any of your business either), 1 of which is passed on. We searched for a Great Dane for over a year before getting our first one from a breeder. Yes, I searched rescue sites. There were very few around at that time (don’t know about now) and even the ones that were there had very few dogs that needed homes. Those few dogs that were in need of homes all had some reason that made them not suitable for our home (not good with kids, not good with other pets, etc.). Not to mention that the “adoption fees” were just as expensive as buying a puppy from a breeder. I also honestly questioned whether these people investigated homes and had more requirements than human baby adoption agencies have. It seemed that you had to jump through a million flaming hoops while blindfolded just to be CONSIDERED to adopt one of these dogs. I realize that they want to make sure that the dog is going to a good forever home, but the “rescues” need a reality check. And far as 19 other dogs being euthanized to “balance out the population universe”… where can I get some of that stuff you’re smokin?

    • OneMan'sOpinion

      Check who really has the “holier than thou” attitude?
      The comments are opinions based on the limited information in the article above. It is called a blog. You are entitled to disagree. Your anger appears to have roots in the business of dog breeding and should be directed there. I’ll simply point out that advertising for the dog breeding business posed as a news article isn’t amusing.

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