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A summary of York City School Board charter vote and contract agreement

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The York City School District will not become an all-charter operation, at least for now.

Board members table a vote to establish a charter takeover of the city schools.

Passionate students joined concerned parents urging board members to vote no. The board listened to the opponents of Chief Recovery Officer David Meckley's plan to turn the district over to Charter Schools USA. In the end, the board unanimously voted to table the takeover. President Margie Orr says she needs more from Meckley.

Orr said, "We have heard everything you've said, time and time again, and now we need you to answer the questions we put out to you, can you do that please?"

The decision comes with conditions: Meetings are to be held with the nonprofit charter board and the district recovery officer. Then a revised contract must be submitted. Finally, the resolution will come to a vote again no later than December 17th.

In addition, the board voted 6-2 to approve a new contract with the district's teachers' union. It's a two-year contract. Teachers accept a 5% pay cut beginning January first. They also agreed to health concessions.

Teacher and parent, Clovis Gallon says, "It says to the community that our school board and teachers union are able to work together for the betterment of the kids."

Teachers also say they don't need a corporate takeover from Charter Schools.
Meckley says he needs to collect more information about the votes before he can comment on his plan in moving forward.