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Police seize ecstasy pills and powerful anesthetic during DUI checkpoint

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Newberry Township Police have arrested 12 people on various charges during a drunken driving enforcement.

Police set up a   DUI checkpoint was set up Oct. 31 at an undisclosed location in the township. As a result, four people were arrested for driving under the influence and another eight were arrested on various drug charges, police said.

Officers reported seizing a significant amount of drugs, which included 45 bags of suspected ketamine. The drug is an anesthetic that causes a loss of consciousness, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Police also said they seized 52 suspected ecstasy pills, six bags of suspected cocaine and several bags of marijuana. Various drug paraphernalia was also confiscated.

Police in a news release did not name the individuals who were arrested. The operation was a joint effort with several other law enforcement agencies, township police said.

Its goal was to rid local roads of impaired drivers and to uncover other criminal activity, police said.


  • howard the duck

    Well, if you read between the lines. The guy is now a snitch to save his own ass. Everyother drug bust like this has a face splattered on the front page and they dont wait 2 almost 3 weeks to put it in paper, what a baby take your lumps for your own stupidity and dont leave soneone else holding

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