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Rep. Perry reacts to President Obama’s immigration reform plan

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President Obama unveiled his plan for immigration reform, using his executive power to overhaul a system that hasn’t seen many changes in decades.

One part of his plan is to protect five million undocumented immigrants, allowing them to legally live and work in the U.S. for a period of up to three years. The president also wants immigrations officials to go after undocumented immigrants who are felons or criminals, or those who recently came across the border.

The President is choosing to make these changes without the approval of Congress, which has failed to pass any reform bills.

Read more about President Obama’s address.

Representative Scott Perry (R-Pennsylvania 4th) spoke to FOX43 after the President’s address, offering his reaction to the plan.

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  • OneMan'sOpinion

    It does not matter what any democrat president does about anything, republicans come out pissing about it in a demeaning way. Every single time. Every single issue.
    From what I’ve come to understand, the House and Senate were urged to do something, anything, on immigration and nothing was agreed on. Our current leader came through with something and it is up to the House and Senate to mold it further or change it. To the House & Senate: Do your job. Republicans control both in two months. You do not like a definitive decision made by the President, present something else. ANYTHING! Just come to a damn agreement already. If it needs molding to work out kinks, that is called maintenance. Companies and schools maintain/review their rules and policies constantly.

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