Utah considering bringing back firing squads for executions

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The state of Utah is one step closer to bringing back the firing squad for executions.

The proposal would make firing squads the method for execution for death row inmates, if lethal injection is not available 30 days before a scheduled execution.

Utah did away with the firing squad in 2003, making lethal injection the only option.

They last executed someone by firing squad in 2010.  That prisoner had opted for firing squad prior to the law being changed.

Several states are currently seeking alternatives to lethal injections after it recently led to several botched executions.

Paul Ray, the Republican representative who proposed the legislation had this to say, “I don’t know if you’d call them botched because they did die.  You had one guy who’s a child rapist, who murdered or raped and buried a 7-year-old girl alive.  I wish we could make it longer, not shorter on his death to be honest with you.  These are heinous people.”

An interim committee approved the idea on Wednesday, but lawmakers must sign off on it during their session next year.