Teen rescues girl from drowning at school pool event

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An eighth grade teen at Northeastern Middle School in York County is being called a hero.
13-year-old Gracen Garman's life changed three weeks ago at her younger brother's accelerated reading program pool party.

She says, "I saw Rose and she was bobbing up and down, but some people try to touch the bottom, so I wasn't worried, but then I saw her reaching for the side, but she looked like she was sleeping, drowsy, so I put my hand out and she grabbed it."

Within a minute, Gracen pulled fourth grader Rose Plascencia to safety.

Gracen says, "Her lips were purple and eyes were frozen and staring at me."

Rose was then taken to the hospital by ambulance to be monitored. Since the near death incident, Rose's mom, Faith, said her daughter hasn't been the same.

Faith says, "She wants to go out and play but she wants to stay in her yard, not go to her friend's, but that's the price you pay for life."

Faith thanks Gracen for saving her daughter's life.

Faith says, "There are good kids out there. Nothing is ever going to be good enough for what that little girl did."

Gracen adds, "I'm just happy she's okay. Because I just kept thinking what if I wasn't there at the right time?"

Gracen wants her heroic efforts to be a lesson for others at the pool.

Gracen says, "Pay attention and watch to make sure everyone's safe because the lifeguards might not be focused."

Faith says she would like to raise money to help other families pay for swim lesson. She hopes to encourage awareness of water safety to prevent accidents like her daughter's from happening to someone else.

If you'd like to help, contact Faith at lovetosew07@yahoo.com


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    I suppose there is going to be a review of this incident to determine how things may have occurred if Gracen was not present where she was and at what point those adults who are responsible in the area would have recognized the distress.

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