Woman using son’s death to help others struggling with addiction

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A York County woman is turning her tragedy into triumph. She lost her son to a drug overdose, and is now using her experience to help others.

Vickie Glatfelter lost her son Bob to a drug overdose in April. "I was always able to fix things, and I couldn't fix this for him," said Glatfelter. "It's like watching your child kill themselves slowly in front of you and there is nothing you can do."

Glatfelter started the York Chapter of 'Not One More.'

"Not one more overdose, not one more grieving heart, not one more lost spirit," said Glatfelter. The non-profit is part of a national organization.

Glatfelter expects to get approval from the state to run the charity by the beginning of the year. Her goal is to spread awareness about addiction, the signs, and how to deal with it. "I was not as knowledgeable about addiction, or heroin or anything," said Glatfelter.

Another goal: raise money to help people who don't have insurance or who can't afford rehab.

"State funding you get once a year.  90% of addicts are in and out of rehab more than once a year. So what do you do if you are clean for six months and you need to go back again?" said Glatfelter, who has some support.

She met Alyssa Rohrbaugh at a heroin rally. Rohrbaugh plans to help run the charity, her son has been sober for six months. "My motivation is my son, my motivation is also all the other kids out there," said Rohrbaugh.

For more information on their charity, click here.


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