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Caught on Camera: One driver’s frequent reckless driving caught on dash cam

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Kalamazoo County, MI — One driver first started noticing another driver’s dangerous “maneuver” to get in front of other drivers through red lights. The driver, license plate: Michigan 3HG L37, uses the left turn lane to pass moving traffic. The driver also goes through red lights by going through the right turn lane, and then swings out and back into the lane.

The driver of the black sedan was caught doing this everyday during the week, expect on Friday, for 2 YEARS.

The video poster, psychastria, didn’t start recording the incident until early 2014.

Reckless driver "right turn"


  • sgttucko

    Post their work and home addresses online. Nothing like a good doxxing! I promise, the internet will help you get the resolution that you are looking for… possibly more. Heck, why not make a kickstarter campaign to fund your mission, I’ll donate!

    • Psychastria

      I have no mission to fund, and the media and local police have been all over it to identify the owner of the car (who claims to not be the driver from the youtube video). My next step that I’m working on is making the original video files available to the police or whoever to confirm it’s legit and the appearance of the license plate wasn’t tampered with in my video editing. I’m not that good at video production!

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