Central Pennsylvanians brace for messy holiday travel

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People across Central Pennsylvania are preparing for the first significant snowfall of the season, while trying to prepare for Thanksgiving and the busiest travel day of the year all at the same time.

Milk, eggs, and bread… typical snow day stockups. But this time, people are preparing to be snowed-in just before turkey day.

“We won’t be traveling, our kids will be coming from Carlisle to visit so we just going to practically stay home tomorrow and relax,” says Jose Merced, from York Township.

Staying warm at home is the plan for some. Others hope the storm steers clear of their travel path.

"I'm getting stuff to make turkey dinner because we're supposed to go out of town on Thursday but with the snow coming in case we can't go.. we're making it at my house. We're supposed to go to Allentown... we're worried that may change," says Charlotte Campbell, from Lower Windsor Township, York County.

"We've got a bunch of people traveling from Delaware, Maryland, coming up to my house so - not too much - but if they can't get to our house there might be a little bit of trouble... we might have a lot of leftovers!" says Patrick Bolch, from York Township.

A few inches of snow won't stop Valerie Croft and her family from celebrating. For her, it brings more holiday cheer.

"If it snows it snows, if it doesn't it doesn't, you can't worry too much about snow," says Croft.

People at the grocery stores aren't the only ones prepping for snow. Pennsylvania Turnpike Representatives are expecting more than a half million vehicles traveling across turnpike roads beginning Wednesday. Maintenance crews across the state are ready to deal with whatever mother nature throws our way.

"Certainly our snow plows will be on the side of the road waiting for that first flake to fall so that we can begin plowing and salting immediately," says Carl DeFebo, Pennsylvania Turnpike Spokesman.

DeFebo is asking drivers not to pass snow plows. The conditions in front of the plow are no better than behind the plow. And if you have to, Turnpike officials advise people to alter travel plans in order to stay safe.