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Dad turns teenage son into police after discovering disturbing content on memory card

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A father in Grandview Heights, Ohio, notified police after learning that his teenage son might be a “Peeping Tom.”

According to WBNS, the 15-year-old allegedly recorded three women from outside their windows, some while they were nude.

“I am ashamed. I feel like I have failed as a parent,” he told WBNS. The identity of the father was not revealed in order to protect his younger children.

According to WBNS, the father says he was doing his son’s laundry when he found a camera memory card . After plugging it into the computer, he found photos and videos of women in their neighborhood.

“It was just feelings of disgust flowing through me, like why would somebody do this to another human being?” he said.

After confronting his son, the teen admitted to recording the victims through their windows.

“The first thing I did was call the police and let them know, and then I took the memory card with the evidence on it to the police station and let them handle it,” he said.

Grandview Heights Police have identified victims, but continue to  search the teen’s phone and electronics for any other images. The father has apologized to the victims.

The teen has not yet been charged with a crime.


  • Chasstity. B.

    I am happy to hear about a responsible parent doing the right thing. I am sure that it was no easy task to have to turn in your own child for something so appalling as videoing and taping another person without their consent. Kudos to that parent to step up and do the right thing even thou I am sure it was one tough decision to make.

  • trebor

    Once you tell the police, they have to act. The father may have made his son a registered sex offender, which would make it very hard to get a job other than starting your own business. There is no reason to involve the police when he could have just taken the car and computer away.

  • Jana

    I personally , wouldnt have turned my kid in…sorry if that “offends” anyone.
    I definitely would confiscate item and go to the victims and apologize. Then stricter rules and curfew with removal of personal recording items, including any and all items for entertainment out of “their room”. Bottom line? Bedroom has bed ,desk, chair, a dictionary, 1pair shoes,2pair socks, 2pair”under garments” ,2pants,2shirts,1 sweatshirt,1jacket, when dirty, wash, items by hand, lazy? wear dirty clothes. This would be in effect for 90 days… violations will add 10days and non compliance of curfew would be answered by me babysitting all day go to school and sit outside yer classroom (s).
    This type of offense is a normal one timer, but, violating again would be indicating a deviant! THEN would have incarcerated to a mental health lockdown facility, for as long as suggested by professionals.

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