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“Throttling Data”: T-Mobile will now tell you how its reducing your data speeds

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Sprint wants T-Mobile, but don’t count on it

T-Mobile will start letting you know when it’s slowing down your data speeds.

The mobile carrier has agreed to change the way it handles customers who hit monthly data limits, the Federal Communications Commission announced.

When customers hit those limits, T-Mobile allows them to continue to use data, but at reduced speeds. T-Mobile will be more upfront with customers about those reduced speeds, the FCC said.

Until now, T-Mobile has given customers speed information for its overall network, rather than the actual speed they’re receiving.

The FCC said that’s confusing.

TMobile must change its practices in the next 60 days, the FCC said.

The company did not immediately respond to CNNMoney’s request for comment.

The FCC has been pressuring wireless carriers over the practice of “throttling” data, as it is known.

It recently sued AT&T, alleging its plans was misleading customers, and Verizon recently abandoned plans to throttle the data of its customers with unlimited data plans.