Turnpike employees disciplined for receiving, forwarding pornographic emails

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Pennsylvania Turnpike CEO Mark Compton confirmed Tuesday some employees were disciplined after receiving and forwarding sexually explicit emails.

The pornographic email scandal rocking state government has already led to the resignations of a Supreme Court justice, a Cabinet secretary and employees of state agencies, including the Attorney General’s Office.

Statement from Compton:

“Our compliance department recently conducted an investigation and found that a limited number of PA Turnpike employees had been receiving and forwarding pornographic emails via the Turnpike Commission’s email system. As this violated Commission policies, those employees were disciplined. Less than a dozen employees were subject to disciplinary actions ranging from suspensions to letters of reprimand.  None of them were senior-level employees. I’d characterized this as an unfortunate but isolated incident. We sent a clear message to those involved, and they received it. As a follow-up, we will undertake an effort to remind all Turnpike employees of our email-use policy.”

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