Air travelers combat snowy Thanksgiving Eve at HIA

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Travelers boarding a flight out of Harrisburg are hoping they'll get to the turkey on time. Despite the wet and snowy weather, air travel at Harrisburg International Airport has been mostly smooth.
HIA Officials say it's important to plan ahead before you arrive. This means check the airport's website, know your flight status and sign up for email alerts. Poor visibility caused several flights to be cancelled in and our of Philly and New York.

Traveler, Amanda Browning says, "I was worried, so I traveled down last night and stayed in a hotel just in case I didn't think I could drive today, but so far the airport's telling me my flight's on time."

HIA Spokesperson, Scott Miller says, "The airlines are going to reschedule as quickly as possible, they want to get you to where you are trying to go, they don't want you to hand out here when you bought a ticket but they'll do it in a safe way."

Miller says most of the traffic at HIA came from travelers arriving from another destination who are now in Central Pennsylvania over Thanksgiving.