At least eight people hurt in Perry County car accident

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One person is in the hospital and at least seven others are hurt, after a crash in Perry County.
It happened around 8:00 Tuesday night along Routes 11/15 in Watts Township.
We’re told the crash involved three cars and a tractor trailer.
No word on how severe any of the injuries are.
We are told crews have cleared the accident.


  • Gen lindsay

    My brother and his family were eyewitnesses to this horrific accident. I am thinking about the victims and hope they were all survivors ( yeah seat belts). Any updates?

    • Mim02

      Gen Lindsay, I just found out a close family member was seriously injured in this accident. If you have any info on how this happened, please pass on as info is limited as to how he was hit/ his role/position in the accident. Thank you.

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