Governor Corbett spends Thanksgiving Eve serving others in need

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Some volunteers in Central Pennsylvania spent Thanksgiving Eve helping out others in need. One organization in Lancaster celebrated its traditional turkey dinner early at the Water Street Mission with the help of state leaders, including the Governor.

It’s a tradition Tom Corbett has done almost every year as Governor.

"It's a night though, that you'd like to see happen every night. And we know it doesn't," says Gov. Corbett.

His last visit in office to the Water Street Mission on Thanksgiving Eve is even more special.

"An opportunity for everybody to share a meal today sitting in a family style setting and it's a time to come together and to give thanks for what we do have and for those to give more to come and help for those who don't," says Corbett.

Corbett says he's thankful for the opportunity to serve these folks for the past four years, and people at the mission are happy to hear that.

"That makes us proud to know he's our governor," says a mission guest.

Kim Bowman and her husband say this evening is more than just a special meal.

"It really builds up the feelings of everyone, feeling that they're important - just a place to stay and get through what we have to get through and it does help a lot of these people build up their self esteem, that's the biggest part of it and also their faith," says Bowman, a mission guest.

People who volunteer their time say it reminds them of the real meaning behind Thanksgiving.

"Coming down here and serving others on Thanksgiving eve is fantastic, it's like we're one big happy family here and we're excited to serve as many people as we can," says Rep. Steve Mentzer, who represents Lancaster County.