Man finds his lost dog for sale on Craigslist

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Virginia Beach, Va. – The owner of a Siberian Husky is reunited with his pet after an unusual turn of events according to WTKR.  Josh King says the dog, Nikita, escaped from his yard on Saturday.  After searching for the dog, a friend told him about a “found dog” post on Craigslist.  When he contacted the poster he was told that a woman had  come and claimed the dog as her own.nikita_craigslist_ad

King was able to get the woman’s information from the man, but he later found another post on Craigslist for his dog, now on sale.

King called the woman, 22-year-old Jessica Colleran, pretending to be an interested buyer.

Jessica Colleran

Jessica Colleran

They agreed to meet at a park on Sunday, but what Colleran didn’t know is that Police and Animal Control were also invited to the meet up.

“She’s like no, no the person gave me the dog and she just kept saying that over and over,” King described.

King says animal control officers were able to scan Nikita for her microchip and verify she belonged to him.

“She’s had a lot of issues like medically. That’s what was freaking me out the most,” King said.

Colleran was taken into custody and charged with obtaining property under false pretenses. She is currently being held in the Chesapeake Correctional Center.

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