No tax increase under proposed 2015 York County budget

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In York County, commissioners say there will be no tax increase under the proposed 2015 budget.

County commissioners unveiled the budget on Wednesday. If approved, the $487 million budget would hold the line on taxes from county government for the 5th time in the last 6 years. Taxes were last raised in 2013 to help make up for more than 7 million in state and federal budget cuts to mandated services.

"Everybody has to realize that the tax base of York County is a whole lot different than the City of York, and we certainly know that they are very challenged," York County Commissioner Doug Hoke said, "But, I think what struck us in this presentation is when you can hold the line on taxes 5 out of 6 years we've been good stewards of the money, I think we've been efficient in fact that shows with this budget. "

York County Commissioners are expected to vote on the final budget on December 24th.