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Police incident in Adams County

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UPDATE:  PSP say the incident ended at about 9 pm this evening, when the man, who neighbors say is Jacob Martin, was taken into custody by a State Police SERT team.

A police standoff in Adams County. It began at about 3 pm at a home along the 1800 block of Barlow Two Taverns Road in Mt. Joy Township.  Pennsylvania State Police- Gettysburg barracks attempted to serve a warrant on an individual.  The man refused to come out of the house and has barricaded himself inside.

State Police are negotiating with the individual.  The 1800 block of Barlows Two Taverns Road between Baltimore Pike and Patterson is closed to traffic.



  • matt

    I know the guy in this. He is a very safe guy, but unstable because of the issue of corrupt government and the belief that they are after him and every other citizen of the united states. He is not a dangerous person. The cause of excessive force showing up to his home is a reason for him to panic but still kept his calm and his belief. Still no reason to cut off his phone and internet wherehe would have no connection to talk to anyone, then drive a truck thru his families’ home to have him surrender. Over a person that showed no threat to anyone turned into a full force showdown for 1 paranoid person that was more concerned about the future of our nations people than the president himself.

    • OneMan'sOpinion

      So in his constant psychotic state, you think law enforcement should have treated him with kid gloves with their bullet-proof vests on and let this waver on for days. He had a warrant and they came to serve it. Excessive force most likely occurred AFTER his resistance. Excessive force preceding serving warrants usually occurs in the high publicity raids in Harrisburg and York.

      • matt

        I think he needed help and needed to be apprehended to get help. But there is no reason to drive a truck thru a families home to get one person that wanted nothing more than the media there or atleast a camera. Instead they cut off his phone and internet so nobody can talk him into comming out of the house friends and family were warned not to contact him whatsoever. Do you know this guy? Cause i sure do! And i also know how the police overreact so they get a chance to beat they’re chests to the chime of a “dangerous criminal”. LMAO!

      • Dianne Tuckey

        They never appeared to serve the warrant. Check out his video. They shut the road down, and played a game with a man they KNEW had some mental problems. Then drove a armored vehicle into the home.

    • Sall

      Your stance on this is completely idiotic and senseless. Do you know why the warrant was being served?? i bet not. Jake was a horrible monster who deserves no mercy what so ever. If the police decided to blow his brains out, this world would be a better place. That warrant is being served because he is involved in the death of a man and close friend from Hanover. Learn your facts before you go spouting propaganda and nonsense from your burnt out, brainless mind.

      • Dianne Tuckey

        What the hell are you talking about? Jake is my son, he is suffering from a bout of bipolar disorder, due to life in itself. The police have gone above and beyond what they should do in any situation like this. You need to stop making accusations you can back up with PROOF, or you my man will end up facing the MAN.

    • Shirley Stremmel

      I agree I known him as well for many yrs and was talking to him that very night exactly when they shut it off, that was wrong because I could have helped!!! They let it get out of control!!! He is a very smart man nd I agree he cares more than our own damn president!

  • Shirley Stremmel

    Sall apparently u have no clue what ur talking about u have the wrong jake martin!!! There is another who was involved in that death in hanover with the same damn name u have the wrong jake!!!

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