Shoppers camp out awaiting Thanksgiving night sales

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YORK CO., PA(WPMT)- Shoppers brave the bad weather to camp out to be the first in line when stores open on Thanksgiving night.

At the Best Buy in York County Wednesday night, several shoppers lean against a barrier in anticipation of holiday bargains. Best Buy has advertised a 50 inch Panasonic HD TV for $199.99.  It normally sells for $549.99.  The doors of the store open at 5 pm Thursday.

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  • OneMan'sOpinion

    This is a nice advertisement for Best Buy. They probably have 20 in stock.
    Businesses would do better with gimmicks that think out of the box. ie) Bonus system where this deal is offered to people at a later date who make a purchase of a specified amount before a certain date.
    ie) Lottery system with a free TV given away each day per store to those who make a purchase.

    Instead, we prefer dangerous frenzies of irritated people waiting in the cold for hours to be attended by stressed sales associates mandated to come to work who would prefer relaxing at home.

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