Trains running on schedule in Lancaster despite the snow

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More than six thousand people will be passing through the Lancaster Train Station this holiday weekend. Every one of them has a story. Brian Ratcliffe came from Philadelphia Wednesday morning to be with his three sisters and brother. He said things were running smoothly despite the big crowds.

An Amtrak spokesman said the trains in Lancaster are experiencing slight delays, but no more than 15 minutes and they hope it stays that way throughout Wednesday evening.  For Ratcliffe, who lost both his grandmothers recently, it's a chance to catch up with those he loves. "My brother lives in Austin, I've got a sister in LA, another sister in Salt Lake City and my youngest sister goes to school in Poughkeepsie so we're really scattered. Having the chance to see them under any circumstance is really positive, but especially when we're going through some loses," said Ratcliffe. Amtrak officials said this Thanksgiving is busier than last year.