Black Friday Shopping in full swing on Thanksgiving

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The holiday shopping season is now well underway and every year the stores open even earlier. Some people even stood in line early Wednesday morning.. and we were inside when they opened.

It’s what Black Friday is all about, the big rush and the great deals but some folks aren’t in it just for themselves.

"I love helping other people out, not everybody has the opportunity to camp out themselves on Black Friday so I'm more than happy to camp out for them so they get the good deals and I get a little something in return," says Cole Feeser, a Black Friday shopper.

That's right, you read correctly. Some folks stood in line for more than 24 hours aren't buying those hot ticket items for themselves. They're being paid. For them, it's a way to bond with family.

"I decided I'd help him out and it's good to be out here with my cousin - we've had a little time together - so he won't be out alone like he has been the past couple years," says Brandon Craigle, a Black Friday shopper.

Besides the bonding time, some are truly shopping for the hot deals. A TV for 200 dollars, sounds like a steal. One couple FOX43 spoke with could really use one.

"Why are we here to buy a TV today," asked a father to his daughter. "Because I broke the other one," said James's daughter, Kayla. "She actually ripped it off the walls," says James.

They may want to stop by the hardware store too, before heading home.