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Ray Rice reinstated to the NFL, fans react

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"Back on the Ravens, No! Cause I mean he obviously did it, there was video of it so we don't want him back," said Joe Hain, a Baltimore native and Ravens fan.

Fans react to news of former Baltimore Ravens Running Back Ray Rice, reinstated to the NFL.

"Was it the right decision? Maybe. I mean after a while they let Michael Vick back in the NFL," added Hain.

Here at Bill Bateman's Express in Shrewsbury, reaction was mixed.

"I'd like to see him play football again. I think he's a fine young man," Richard Frye said.

Rice was suspended indefinitely from the NFL after video surfaced of him punching his-then fiancee Janay, back in February.

"Sure the video was there," said Frye, "But we don't know what happened prior to that at the cocktail lounge. We don't know how many drinks they had."

Rice won his appeal Friday. He's now free to sign with any NFL team.

"I hope somebody does pick him up. I mean he's a good guy. But I truly believe this was a one-time incident for them and this isn't a normal occurrence for him you know he's not a women or wife beater on a regular basis. I think this was a one-time mistake that they both made," said Staci Parks, diehard Baltimore Ravens and Ray Rice fan.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Rice's wife Janay says when the time is right, she will tell her young daughter what happened saying "I will obviously tell her that it was wrong, and it's not something that you allow and to respect herself foremost, just like I was told as a child. But I'll also tell her that people make mistakes and you have to learn from them."

Some Ravens fans say while they don't agree with what he did, everyone deserves a second chance.

"I'm still going to wear his jersey. I'll never change my mind about Ray Rice. Ever!" added Linda Oakley Frye.


  • OneMan'sOpinion

    “But we don’t know what happened prior to that at the cocktail lounge. We don’t know how many drinks they had.”
    The drinks made me do it. Let’s all get drunk and use alcohol as an excuse to do whatever we want.

  • ED Laucks

    “But we don’t know what happened prior to that at the cocktail lounge. We don’t know how many drinks they had.” So this justification for hitting a woman? Because you drank too much? Or maybe she made him mad? I cannot believe someone would so ignorant to make a comment like that! It’s like giving pro players permission to do this because they are pro players!

    • OneMan'sOpinion

      {sarcasm} yea, I guess we really don’t know if she vomited on the floor in the lounge and embarrassed him or if she slugged him first in the lounge. If he had 2 drinks and she had 6 shots, it would be okay. We really don’t know. But, wait a minute. If he had 6 shots and she had one beer, that makes it okay to slug your fiancee, right? I think it’s in the bible that if thou hast had more drinks than thou’s wife, thou can taketh out revenge if said wife winks at another man. {end sarcasm}

  • John

    This is ment for the two people that defended Ray Rice in the article,
    How is a man who punches his wife a “fine young man”?? How does how much he’s had to drink make a difference? Does it make it ok to beat a woman after a few drinks? And to the woman poster if he punched you would it be ok since it only happened one time? These have to be the dumbest comments I’ve ever read on a message board period. Ray Rice belongs in jail.

  • Christine Garcia

    Of course his wife wants it all to go away and forgive her husband he is makeing lots of money and if he cant play anymore she doesnt get payed anymore. What kind of rolemodels are we putting out there for our children. I could understand if he was getting some type of help with anger or agression but i have herd nothing about that. Yes people make mistakes but he almost killed her why is that ok because he is rich forget that. I hope he doesnt get to play for a while intill he gets his life together.

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