20-year-old charged after damaging a police cruiser in York

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Springettsbury Township police responded to a call of several males fighting near Lyndhurst Road and Eastern Boulevard around 3:45 this morning.

Police say they tried to stop 20-year-old Michael Vaughn of York, who was trying to drive away from the scene.

Vaughn’s  vehicle rammed two police cruisers while trying  to flee the area.  Vaughn then fled on foot and  was arrested after a short foot pursuit.

Police arrested Vaughn, and he is now being charged with a long list of offenses including aggravated assault, fleeing and eluding, DUI, and hit & run.


  • OneMan'sOpinion

    More of the culture of disrespect toward law enforcement. Good thing he was not shot or we’d have riots here, again.

  • howard the duck

    All because the police tried to stop two ppl from fighting, what ever happened to two ppl and a fist fight. The police arent needed for things like this, in my younger days a fist fight was common place, and police werent needed to interfere, ppl talk about the disrespect of police, has anyone watched cops and seen the abuse of power they display everyday? And most off the time its white police in black neghiborhoods.

    • OneMan'sOpinion

      So Mr. Duck, you think that the cops don’t need to respond to a complaint of a fight between several guys? What type of fallout would occur should one of those guys turn up dead or with a stab/gunshot wound at the hospital? I guess you’d say, “Boys will be boys”, unless of course one of the boys is yours.
      And what if that “fist fight” ends up smashing the windshield of your car (should YOU live in that neighborhood)?

      It also sounds as if you don’t think it was disrespect of the police to ram the cruisers.

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