Education Dept. petitions York Co. Court to place York City School District in Receivership

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HARRISBURG, PA (WPMT) – Acting Secretary of Education Carolyn Dumaresq filed a petition with the York County Court of Common Pleas this morning to place York City School District into receivership and appoint Dave Meckley as receiver.

The action follows a decision last month by the York City School Board to table action on a proposal to turn the district’s schools into charter schools.

“For nearly two years, Mr. Meckley has attempted to work with the school board to implement a financial recovery plan, approved by the board in June 2013,  that would ensure students have access to quality academic programs while restoring fiscal stability to the district,” Dumaresq said. “During this time, the board has consistently failed to follow the recovery plan and the directives of the chief recovery officer. It is now necessary for the district to be placed into receivership so the recovery plan can to be fully executed for the benefit of the students and to return the district to financial solvency.”

Under provisions of the School District Financial Recovery law, in December 2012, the Department of Education placed the district in Moderate Financial Recovery Status and appointed Meckley as chief recovery officer.

In creating the recovery plan, Meckley worked with an advisory committee, obtained input from the public and met frequently with the board, district and school administrators, teachers and staff to develop the plan.

Since the recovery plan was approved by the board in June 2013, the board has refused to implement the plan as required, leaving the district unable to advance academic achievement and begin fiscal recovery.

Dumaresq noted several areas in which the school board has failed to adhere to the financial recovery plan: taking action that is inconsistent with the plan, not specifically identified in the plan or not directed by the chief recovery officer as being necessary to implement the plan.

The law requires the court to hold a hearing within seven days of the petition’s filing and to issue an order approving or denying receivership within 10 days of the hearing.


  • OneMan'sOpinion

    One of the key points constantly reiterated to students by a teacher in my high school, Mrs. Yolanda Smith was “Follow Directions.” The York City School District board did not follow directions or do their homework, recently attempting to stall the implementation of charter schools. It’s a good thing that York schools are not going to get as far out of control as Harrisburg schools did.

  • Garry Crist

    i really do take offense to that comment Joe the area in york city in which i live is a good area. There is low crime and the school in which my 3 children go is a excellent school with high academic scores and the teachers there are very pleasent and care about their students very much. So who are you to say that kind of stuff and who are you to judge anyone. If this district goes to charter schools then my kids are out of an education because the charter company that wants to take over is more in the business to make money not to give a child an education. My boys love their school how it is and want nothing to change. When some kind of bullying incident happens charter schools cover it up and make it like it never even happened will allows it to keep happening I know this cuz i have done my homework my little nephew goes to lincoln edison charter and he gets bullied on a daily basis and has repeatedly told his teacher and school administrator and they have done nothing and when my cousin mentions something to his teacher or administrator they say oh he is lying that never happened. They are more of a business then they are an education giver. If the charter school company takes over my children will be pulled out of school and home schooled and when these stories come to light they never show the positives in the story. My youngest was just nominated for student of the month and my oldest and middle son both got perfect attendance awards this last marking period they are among some of the highest achievers in their school. So for someone to come on here and talk about something they know nothing about is wrong and should not be said. Here is a fact 80% of the parents of students in York City School District are totally against this whole Charter school thing because it will mess up their childs education and these charter schools dont have to follow the same laws that the public schools do half of their teachers are lisenced or certified to be a teacher. But that all for now thanks for allowing me to state my opinion.

    • Garry Crist

      meant to say are not licensed they are just average people who need a job. My child told me when they first heard about this whole thing that they love their school and love their teachers and for a parent to hear that its heartbreaking as for corrupt politicians look at our governor he is the worst i have ever seen and he has pulled money from all PA schools to put in prisons that is why this district doesnt have money its like telling your child its ok drop out get in trouble we will pay for your stay while incarcerated. Everyone wants to talk about people being unemployed well if this charter school company takes over there will be hundreds of teacher out of work and they will have to sign up with the charter company and they are even gauranteed a job. Please do not support this it is wrong and immoral think of the children and how this could affect their education think of how many will be home schooled cuz of this thats not what we want for our being someone who dropped out of school i want my children to do better then me i want them to get a good education and i want them to succeed in life

      • mark

        80% are afraid of change. But then they were just announced as the worst school in pa. So I dont know where you get your facts, but im sure you home schooling your children is the best move for them as I can tell you are trully certified to do so. Do your kids a favor and take the change in direction as the way things are now is no good for anyone. Best bet would be split the city schools and send the students to the surrounding district’s js

        • Garry Crist

          my Facts come from this very news station and my internet research and i know a few people from the district. I also dont know as them being the worst schools in Pa cuz philadelphia isnt great themselves and harrisburg is still struggling as well so yeah. As for us parents being afraid of change thats not the issue the issue is that this whole thing is about money and not education you go do the research yourself of the cahrter school company and tell me what you come up with the company is called Charters schools USA and they arent that great its all about the money to them so yeah

  • not okay with charters

    I can see Meckley getting rich by forcing control in his favor. York City schools will never improve privately.

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