Homeowner victim of distraction burglary

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DAUPHIN CO., PA(WPMT)- A Dauphin County homeowner is the apparent victim of a “distraction burglary”.  It happened Tuesday afternoon in the 5600 block of Derbyshire Road, Lower Paxton Township.

Township police say the victim received a phone call from someone purporting to be an employee of a gas company.  At around 4 pm, a man driving a black unmarked pick-up truck arrived. The man and the homeowner went into the backyard. The man was on his cell phone several times. The resident became suspicious and asked the man for identification.  The man then went to his truck and left.

Later in the evening, the victim received a phone call from the Wells Fargo bank branch in the Colonial Park Mall requesting that she verify that she had written a substantial check to someone who there trying to cash it. She told the bank that she did not write the check and the bank refused to honor it.

The victim checked her home and discovered that her checkbook, wallet and cash were missing.  Although she had constant eye contact with the so called gas man, someone apparently entered her home while she was in the backyard.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to contact the Lower Paxton Township Police at (717) 657-5656.

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