PA budget comes “as no surprise” but Democrats ready for change

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The Corbett Administration admits one-time revenue sources have contributed to a $2 billion budget deficit. Democrats say the situation is a result of bad policies.

In an annual budget report, Corbett Administration budget secretary, Charles Zogby, shares why the budget woes are worsening.

Zogby says, “You can’t say no to pension reform, no to LCB reform, no to everything and no to taxes and balance a budget, it’s not going to work.”

He adds, "Do you continue to be creative in looking at reforms, in changes in State Government and how it operates to not raise taxes or do you simply go there first and foremost to balance your budget?"

Governor Corbett signed a $29 billion budget in July. But it was balanced with more than $2 billion dollars in one-time savings.

Zogby says, "His view was we ought to be looking at these and continue to look at options in lieu of having to go back to Pennsylvania families and businesses and having them pay more in taxes."

Newly elected governor Tom Wolf says, "One area we could do a good job and make up for these one time transfers would be in the economic growth. That hasn't happened. We're 50th in terms on job creation at a time when the economy is doing fairly well."

Wolf says he'll push for more money for schools and job growth.

Wolf says, "I think the big source of revenue growth has got to come from economic growth. My background is raising revenues, the last thing you do is raise prices."

Wolf takes office on January 20th. He says he can't give specific solutions to the state's fiscal problem until his administration knows more about the nature and magnitude of the budget.


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