99 year-old bell ringers for Salvation Army love to volunteer

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The Salvation Army received help from some very special ladies on Thursday at the North Hanover Mall in Hanover. Alice Fox of Somerset County and Katie Copp of York County are both 99-years young and still ready to volunteer at the kettle. The two spent an hour helping to raise money for the organization which has had a special impact on their lives.

"My husband was in the service and when he came home, he said that the Salvation Army did more for him where he had to work, and I always thought if I ever had the chance, I`ll support the Salvation Army," Kopp said.

Their service goes beyond helping the Salvation Army. The women also volunteer in their communities. Fox volunteers for several activities including auditing HACC classes at the Gettysburg campus, and Copp helps with bake sales to support local elementary school fund-raising efforts.

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