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Rare exotic snakes stolen from pet shop in Lebanon County

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Jason Miley has a lot of strange reptiles in the Pawz & Clawz pet store in Lebanon County. However his most valuable, an albino ball python and an albino red tail boa, are missing after being stolen Tuesday night from his store in Cleona. "The snakes were gone and we found that the back window was broken through," said Miley.

He had spent months trying to find them for two clients of his that bought them as Christmas presents for their families. The snakes had just arrived at the store when North Cornwall Township Police said someone else broke in and took them. "Everything was pretty much in order. They obviously were on a mission directly for the snakes. It was two higher end snakes," said Miley.

Each one costs roughly $500. The police say they're following leads, but have yet to make an arrest. The burglary hasn't stopped Miley. He's still open for business selling the animals he loves. For example he's selling bearded dragons, ferrets, puppies and leopard geckos.

He said he's been in touch with his clients who bought the stolen snakes and is trying to replace them, but more than anything he hopes they'll be brought back, no questions asked. "I want the snakes returned safe and unharmed. I'd like to provide the families with what I promised them and what I worked hard to obtain for them," said Miley.



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  • Peta

    Im glad the selfish man got stolen from. He sells sick puppy mill dogs for up to thousands of dollars, and does not expect anyone to NOT try to get revenge. Come on? I’d have a lot more sympathy if it would not have been that he overprices EVERYTHING in the store. These snakes are probably only worth 250 at the most.

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