Fatal crash in Adams County

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One person is dead after a single-vehicle accident in Cumberland Township, Adams County.

The crash remains under investigation.

Anyone with information on the accident is asked to call Cumberland Township Police at 717-334-6485.


  • beck

    First off how dare someone say that. When you have little facts to go on. I knew Renee. She was best friend all through h.s and after. We are hoping alcohol was not involved….But i knew Renee …She wasn’t foolish enough to drink and drive. Jackass. She turned 20 years of age in November. She was coming home work. Get your facts straight before you make an ass of your self. Gettysburg just lost the sweetest girl ever who loved country music, farm life, dodge trucks, Taylor Swift Fan, who was the life of a party. God received an Angel today.
    As far as. Cumberland Township goes they NEED to get off there asses and take Rader there. So many people go 80 miles an hour down that road. More likely some jackass was speeding (cause you know Cumberland doesn’t step up once again) possibly under the influence cut into her lane (by the looks of the crash) or simply she fell asleep behind the wheel due to her working. Renee ill miss you dearly. Love you.

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