York City School District hearing for receivership continues Monday

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A York County judge will hear testimony later Monday morning on the state's petition to put the York City School District into receivership. Receivership would essentially strip the York City School Board of its power, making a move towards a full-charter school district more likely.

It's been a back and forth battle for years, and it may come to an end this week. Once the hearing ends, the judge has 10 days to issue a decision on the petition. Last Thursday Judge Stephen Linebaugh denied the York City School District's request to delay the state's effort to place the district into receivership. He also denied all requests except for a petition by the teachers' union to intervene. That means they'll be able to present evidence and state their case for why the school district should not be placed into receivership.

If the judge approves the state's petition for receivership, the York City School Board would be stripped of all powers except for levying taxes. Chief Recovery Officer, David Meckley, would become receiver. The department of Education says Meckley intends to sign a contract with Charter Schools USA, turning all city schools into charter schools beginning in 2015. Lawyers for the district are prepared to make their case against receivership during the hearing.

"The point I want to make on Monday is that it's a very serious issue to remove local control for the foreseeable future," says Mark Tarlow, the attorney for the York City School District.

But the state's attorney wants the judge to act fact, and before Gov.-elect Tom Wolf takes office.

"For the new charter school educational programing to go through a course of study and preparation we need that time, this interim time if you will to get ready for the next school year," says Clyde Vedder, the state's attorney.