Police arrest 2nd suspect in killing of Lancaster Elementary School Teacher

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Thomas G. Moore

Lancaster police have arrested a second suspect  in the murder of a Lancaster County teacher, Nicole Mathewson.

According to police 25-year-old Thomas Moore, was arrested last night in an apartment along 700 block of Sterling Place.

On Tuesday, police arrested 16-year-old Marcus Rutter for the murder of  Mathewson, and investigators later developed additional information regarding an accomplice who was involved.

Police now believe that accomplice is Moore.


  • J Ward

    Her last name is Mathewson. It would be great if the person writing this article would have been respectful enough to to get it right.

  • Adriann Giovanni

    Funny thing is why does he look like a Muslim convert and why does he have such hatred of children like those Taliban who massacred the Pakistani School children just the other day .. Guess we either will never find out or we will be told he is not right in the head ..

    The only other excuse this Gov’t loves to dole out is “Lone Wolf” or “Rogue” .. But so help God , this guy is definitely a convert and there is no room for these people anymore in our Country .. Especially armed .. Australia has this same issue being over run by convert as young as 14 .. They found their way to Syria and parts unknown due to Apathy .. Let us NOT become like this .. Now a “lone wolf” self-proclaimed Cleric who the Iranian Gov’t had wanted to extradite from Australia and was REFUSED killed innocent people !!

    This must STOP !! I say send them back and let them go !! If they step one foot back in America shoot them .. We are at War !! Osama bin Obama MUST recognize what Bush knew .. We are at WAR with these Jihadists whose only conditions are the Extermination of Americans and Israel !! Read your History on these Killers , there is no negotiations .. Understand !!

    • J Ward

      They changed it after my comment, they originally had Matherson. Are you that miserable of a person that you have to make a nasty comment to someone?

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