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Officer-involved shooting in York, leaves one woman injured

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It’s the last thing neighbors along the 300 block of West Gay Street in York wanted to wake up to Friday morning.

“We heard tires screeching, we heard three or four shots. I think it was like three and it went pop, pop, pop and then you heard and seen lights flying everywhere,” said Shanice Smith, a neighbor.

Police say Matthew Foster was driving a silver Mitsubishi Lancer with two other people inside. Foster didn’t stop when police told him to pull over at State and Walnut streets. That’s when a police officer went after him.

“We all looked out the window to see what was going on, we seen cops running up the street everywhere,” added Smith.

Foster drove the wrong way on West Gay Street, which is a one way street. Two police vehicles tried to trap Foster’s car — but that didn’t stop him. He tried backing out but then hit a utility pole.

Police say an officer then approached the car with all three people still inside. Foster sped toward the officer who was on foot and that’s when the officer started shooting at the car.

One of the passengers, Erika Eberhardinger was shot. Her injuries are not life-threatening. The other passenger, Mason Millen, was not injured. But even then, police say, that didn’t stop Foster. Once again, he tried to drive off only to hit the metal rail nearby. He later surrendered to police.

Police haven’t identified the officer involved in this shooting. He was not injured during this incident. He’s now been placed on paid administrative leave. It’s up to the York County District Attorney to determine if the shooting was justified.

Some charges against Foster include aggravated assault and driving under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances.


  • OneMan'sOpinion

    Interesting that the only time that an officer-involved shooting story mentions race is when it’s a white cop and a black lunatic. I am assuming that this was a white lunatic.

    • Commonsenseisn'tverycommon

      Interesting that the race of those involved is being brought up…does it matter??!! A crime was committed and officers responded. I don’t need to know nor do I care what color they are…listen to what the officer tells you to do, do not try to run over officer=not getting shot.

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