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Detective charged with stealing prescription pills from evidence locker

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Derry Township Police Detective Brian Romberger is accused of going into the evidence room and stealing more than 300 prescription pills. “I believe he had an opiate addiction and was using the pills for personal use,” said Derry Township Police Chief Patrick M. O’Rourke.

Percocet, Oxycodone and Xanax are among some of the pills Romberger’s accused of taking. O’Rourke said he first found out the drugs were missing in late August. “From the onset of receiving the initial notification our evidence room had been compromised my intent was to get out in front of this and stay out in front of this, Said O’Rourke who immediately contacted the Pennsylvania State Police. During their investigation Romberger admitted to having a substance abuse problem.

Chief O’Rourke said he doesn’t know how long Romberger was using the prescription pills, but he did say Romberger was falling asleep on the job for the last year. “There were times when he would be seated at his desk and they would catch him nodding off,” said O’Rourke.

Romberger was also charged with possession of heroin after authorities found the drug at his house. After being arrested he was released on his own recognizance and has since resigned from the police department. O’Rourke acknowledged that cops are human just like anyone else, but did not excuse Romberger’s actions and said his department is still fully capable. “We will continue to provide the best police services possible to the residents of the community in which we serve,” said O’Rourke. The department has also changed their policy so that at least two officers have to be present when evidence is being handled at the station.


  • Princess Xena

    the police need to have random drug testing…
    det.steven crider was on drugs the whole time ,
    some wacked-out cop on the loose arresting
    and harassing innocent people and to think of all
    the court cases dropped for lack of evidence…

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