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High school student killed by punch to the face; Police say the victim gave permission for the assault

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GRANITE FALLS, Wash. — A high school student who died after being punched in the face apparently agreed to be hit as a way of resolving an argument over a minor car crash, sheriff’s deputies said.
The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office said the victim backed his Honda into Galen’s car outside a house party around midnight causing minor damage.
The victim left the party, but returned a while later and was confronted by Galen. The two started arguing and shoving each other, deputies said.
According to court documents, the victim and Galen agreed to “resolve their differences” by allowing Galen to punch the victim in the face. The two shook hands and even smoked a cigarette together before the punch, deputies said.
Witnesses told deputies the victim was a willing participant. He stood in the road and let Galen hit him.
Deputies said Galen hit the victim with a closed fist on the left side of the face. The victim fell to the ground and was knocked unconscious.
Galen and a few other people attempted to revive the victim, however those attempts were unsuccessful, documents said. A friend took the victim to a hospital where he later died.
Galen was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of second-degree manslaughter. He allegedly admitted to the incident, the station reported.
The victim and Galen had known each other for years, and could even be considered friends, documents show.
Court documents stated Galen has received death threats on social media.

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