American Music Theatre donates children’s coats to the Salvation Army

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LANCASTER COUNTY, PA (WPMT)  American Music Theatre purchased 100 children’s coats at Burlington Coat Factory to donate to the Lancaster Salvation Army. Coats of every shape, color, and style lined clothing racks as The Lancaster Salvation Army van arrived today to collect the coats from American Music Theatre’s Michael Rathfon, marketing manager, and Lisa Kane, office administrator.

“AMT has been a longtime supporter of The Salvation Army, and all of us at American Music Theatre feel privileged to participate in providing local children with something so essential as warm coats. We have been blessed in so many ways, and it is our joy in passing that blessing on to others in the Lancaster community,” says American Music Theatre President and CEO, Jim Martin.


“We thought it’d be a great idea to donate coats to keep children warm, so we reached out to Burlington Coat Factory, just across the street at the outlets, and inquired about purchasing 100 coats. It’s a big order for them, but yesterday the coats arrived at their store and today we meet the Salvation Army van for delivery of the coats!” says Michael Rathfon.