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Former treasurer seeking donations for money he’s accused of stealing

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Harrisburg's former treasurer, John Campbell, is trying to raise more than $11,000, money he's accused of stealing from two charities earlier this year. "By John's own admission he made egregious mistakes," said Thomas Sweet, who is the pastor of Campbell's church called the Market Square Presbyterian in Harrisburg.

Sweet is the one who created the fund raiser about two months ago. "Once the church took that initiative, John did write some notes to friends and supporters who have indicated to him that they would like to help," said Sweet.

Pastor Sweet said Campbell will not be handling the money, and that the church isn't trying to solicit outside donors. Rather, he says the church is trying to help one of its own, who's been a life long member of the church. However some of Harrisburg's residents aren't as sympathetic. Del Chester said. "Everybody else has to pay for their wrong doings. He's not an exception."

Another resident, Ada Garcia, said, "He should have to earn the money because he stole it and he spent it so now he has to pay it back." Campbell has been charged with two felony counts of theft. He may have to pay back the money as early as February when he's scheduled to appear next in court. Pastor Sweet said Campbell has been trying to find a job, but no one's willing to take a chance on him. "John is trying to do this as well as he can. Who among us does everything right? John's sins are more public than many of ours, but we all fall short," said Sweet.




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