Man almost drowns drinking eggnog

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UTAH COUNTY, UT –  A holiday office party took a turn for the worse after an eggnog-chugging contest sends a man to the hospital.

Ryan Roche says one of his colleagues asked him to compete, and as a competitive guy he couldn’t walk away.

“I’ve already decided, if I’m going to do it, I’m going to win,” he told KSL.

The record was 22 seconds, and the price was a gift card to a steak house.

“I just opened up my throat, didn’t even swallow,” he said. “I pretty much poured it down.”

Roche says he started shaking uncontrollably and began panting.

In the video you can see he drank a quart of eggnog in just 12 seconds, without taking a breath:

“I got done, and I was gasping, I couldn’t breathe.”

After a friend with a medical background checked him out, he decided they needed to go to the hospital.

Roche had aspirated eggnog to his lungs and was essentially “dry drowning,” the doctors told him.

“They pretty much had to wheelchair me in, double IV, oxygen, and hooked me up to what they call the nuclear weapon of antibiotics,” he said.

Roche ended up with an infection after getting liquid in his lungs, and spent 24 hours in the ICU.

“It was rough,” he said. “Eggnog: not ideal for the lungs.”

He spent three days in the hospital on oxygen, but he is now home and almost back to full strength.

Roche says that this is not a holiday mishap he will ever forget, and will probably never live it down.

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