Matthew Diehl sentenced to prison for death of Loganville Fire Chief Rodney Miller

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Matthew Diehl Accused of DUI Death of Fire Chief Rodney Miller in Court

YORK, PA (WPMT) Matthew Scott Diehl is sentenced to nine-and-a-half to 19 years in state prison for the 2013 death of Loganville Fire Chief Rodney Miller.

The sentenced was handed down in York County Court this afternoon. Diehl was found guilty last month of Homicide by Vehicle while DUI.  Judge Richard Renn ordered that Diehl begin serving his sentence immediately.  He was handcuffed by sheriff’s deputies and led away.  Diehl had been free on bail following his conviction.




  • OneMan'sOpinion

    It sure would be nice if sentences like 9-19 years were not only contingent on “good behavior” but also community service. ie) 19 years with a 6-month reduction for each bar this guy can arrange with the owner to walk into (with supervision) and tell the patrons how he killed a man while DUI. Minimum jail time 9 years.

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