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Millions expected to travel this holiday season

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It’s one of the busiest travel days of the year. AAA says 98.9 million Americans will travel by air or hit the roads this holiday season.

“This is our last stop here. Our next stop is New Jersey.”

For William Kirk and his family, there wasn’t much planning for this holiday trip. “Literally today we decided we’re gonna take a trip. [I] called my parents and they were excited we were coming up and we’ll stay a few days, probably come back sometime this weekend,” said Kirk.

And they're not alone. According to AAA, 89.6 million people will travel by car this Christmas Holiday. A four percent increase from last year.

"It's nice that the gas prices help save a few dollars," added Kirk.

The lowest holiday gas prices since 2008. Sheetz, located off of South Queen Street in York Township was busy, with gas at $2.39 a gallon.

And with the forecast expected to clear up for the rest of the week,  New Jersey isn't the only traveling in the works for the Kirk family.

"We're looking forward to New York City because the weather is going to be great and I want to take advantage of that. We'll drive in, walk around midtown, go up to the park and see what we can see there. The lights and decorations should be interesting," said Christine Kirk.

If you plan on traveling, make sure you plan head, allot enough time to-and-from your location and drive safely.

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  • OneMan'sOpinion

    I think I will stay home because millions are going out.
    I simply fail to see how news reports that say millions are expected to travel on each holiday every year are useful in any way, shape or form. If we put it in middle school Social Studies textbooks, can we eliminate the useless repeating of it every holiday?

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