Lancaster County theater reverses decision to show ‘The Interview’

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Opening presents and then seeing a movie. It's a holiday tradition for many families in Lancaster County. One thing they're not going to see is The Interview. One moviegoer said "we would have seen The Interview if it were out." Another said "we'd loved to have seen it in a theater."

However Seth Rogen and James Franco will not be connecting with audiences at Movietown in Elizabethtown. The theater's owner decided to pull the movie on Christmas Eve. However not everyone thinks that's a bad thing. Judy Townsend said it shouldn't have been made in the first place and thinks a movie about killing a real life figure such as Kim Jung Un is in bad taste. "What would we think if they made a movie about killing one of our officials? We would have objected to," said Townsend.

Sony has released the movie online for a fee and hundreds of independent theaters across the country are also showing it, but many were angry to hear that Movietown scrapped plans to show it. The Theater's management said it was because of security concerns, although it's unclear what those concerns are. "I just think it's shameful. I'm glad they're releasing it some way so that we can at least see it. Cause we will watch it just for the fact that we were told we couldn't watch it," said Deana Filus.


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