Peace Walk brings people together in Lancaster

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People in Lancaster came together on Saturday to bring a message of peace to the streets. Lancaster Unity's "Peace Walk" was organized at Penn Square. The walk brought hundreds in the community together from different backgrounds as a response to the recent violence throughout the county. Their message: promote love, support and strengthen relationships in the community.

Martha Good, Co-Founder of Lancaster Unity says, "We want to bring people together to get to know your neighbors and to ask them 'what can we do to help you?' You know, what can we do to help our community and help people around us, that's what living in a community is all about."

"I think the communities that are more supportive are the ones that know each other because they're building relationships, and when you have a relationship, you care, and you do a lot more for each other," says Melissa Shurtz, also a Co-Founder of Lancaster Unity.

Lancaster Unity will continue its message of community support in March. That's when it will start a project to help clean up the city one Saturday a month.


  • king ruddy

    I was contemplating if places like Singapore monitor these situations, of course with the many International Corporations the legal and illegal aliens could render so!!! Would it not be wonderful if the Campuses demonstrate Peace for the World walks like this on say a regular basis?

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