Manheim Borough Police Chief calls officers heroes after arrest of armed man

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Manheim Borough Police Chief Joseph Stauffer is calling the actions of his officers heroic after they arrested a man they say was intoxicated and armed and making threats. It started with a 911 call around 10:15pm on Monday, December 29th from 339 North Colebrook Road. The caller hung up and dispatch called the number back. Police say Michael Bires, 54, answered the phone and told the dispatcher he did not call 911 and threatened “something bad would happen” if police came to his house. The dispatcher could hear a woman in the background while Bires was speaking. Officers went to the home and say they saw Bires holding a handgun. He was visibly intoxicated, according to the police report. Officers made several attempts to get Bires to drop the weapon. When he came out of the house, police used a taser and took Bires into custody. They recovered two loaded pistols from the scene.

“The officers’ actions in this violent encounter are nothing short of heroic,” said Chief Stauffer. “The actions of Mr. Bires put himself and officers at risk of death or serious bodily injury. Domestic situations involving drugs, alcohol and guns are some of the most serious situations for law enforcement, family members and the community.”

Bires is being held on $100,000 bail on charges of Aggravated Assault, Terroristic Threats and Resisting Arrest.

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  • OneMan'sOpinion

    You’d call the officers heroes for not killing an armed guy that failed to follow directions to disarm. You’d call the dude lucky if he was black and standard procedure if white?

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