“The Interview” opens at Carlisle Theatre

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The Carlisle Theatre in Carlisle, Cumberland County is the first theater in central PA to bring the controversial film “The Interview” to the big screen.

As a small independent theater, it doesn’t normally get first crack at new major motion picture releases.

“We don’t get that opportunity that much to have large numbers of people like that come in and see what we have to offer here,” says executive director Leslie Sterner.

An FBI agent contacted the theater on Thursday, prior to the first screening on Friday night. He said there is no direct threat to theaters but told staff to look out for email hacks or threats. The movie's plotting focuses on the fictional assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Fans say it was important to them to watch the movie in a theater, as opposed to online. The film raked in $18 million, mostly in digital downloads, through its first weekend. That's still far below what it was forecast to make before major theater chains refused to show it, due to security risks.

"If you let them think that they've won, you've completely lost your freedom of speech," says Lorel Holt of Boiling Springs.

The movie will run for 10 screenings at Carlisle Theatre for the next two weeks. Tickets are $7.

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