At least three injured after explosion at Letterkenny Army Depot, latest on FOX43 News First at Four

Humane Society of Harrisburg takes in animals from New Jersey

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  • pbgr

    A light blanket of snow possessed me with boredom,I am not trying to provoke anguish,just trying to be of assistance with my engagement with nuisance. My boorish neighbor preys on squirrels,rabbits etc.with his pellet rifle and most time wounds them.Residing at a residential development it is absurd to identify turkey vultures scavenging carcasses,when the puffed-up extended feels it is what they are meant for.Meanwhile hawks,owls etc. bag their own feasts. The small game replenishes in a minute elapse of time. To resolve this matter to retain the property, I must install a 14 foot tall concrete fence ,any other will breach because the high winds will down the soon to be petrified trees of the other churls.

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